Review: Hero by Belinda Crawford

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May 25, 2016 by Zoë

Hero by Belinda Crawford is a young adult science fiction book set on a planet with pollen that is deadly to Earth plants and animals. Because of this, humans were forced to settle in ships above the planet’s surface and out of reach of the pollen. Through DNA manipulation, they have created animals that can survive the pollen, but humans, so far, cannot. Hero is a somewhat overprotected girl who has the chance to attend school with other teenagers for the first time. She slowly begins to realize that there is more going on than anyone has ever told her.

This is a simple little sci-fi story in which a girl deals with bullying as well as a world-wide conspiracy. Emphasis, however, on the simple. This is a quick read without a whole lot going on. The main interesting feature is the animal companions that all of the children seem to have. There wasn’t a whole lot of point to them, but they were pretty fun.

The other interesting bits were the brief points where the ethics of DNA manipulation were brought up. This is a big part of the background of the story, so it’s good that it was at least mentioned, along with the ethics of consent.

Like I said, overall this is a simple book. The bullying school children are featured in lots of books. The loner who befriends the main character is also featured in lots of books. My main question about the bullies is why one of the is named Dorian and why his animal companion is named Grey. No explanation for that.

The main character is also, unfortunately, a bit annoying. She’s rather whiny and spoiled and hard to like. Things are also very easy for her. She manages to manipulate adults very easily and lots of people are working to help her out. With good reason, maybe, but I was never terribly concerned about her wellbeing.

Overall, this is a fun read but I am definitely outside of the target audience so I did not enjoy it very much.

“The tail-end of an answer flittered across the man’s mind, and she dived after it before bouncing off a mental wall.”

I received an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley.



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