Review: Never Missing, Never Found by Amanda Pantich

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August 15, 2016 by Zoë

In Never Missing, Never Found by Amanda Pantich, a girl named Scarlett was kidnapped when she was eight years old. Three years later, she managed to escape. She’s seventeen now, with her first job, just trying to move on and be a normal girl. Unfortunately, the past looks like it’s coming back to haunt her. A girl goes missing from the theme park where Scarlett works and suddenly it seems as if her carefully built life is going to come crashing down.

The Good
The narration in this book switches between events in the present and flashbacks to Scarlett’s time in captivity. I’ve read books where a system like this hasn’t worked well, but in this case it did. The pacing was good and the transitions did not feel jerky. The story also kept me engaged, buoyed along mainly by the flashback bits of narration, I think, because I was eager to find out what all the cryptic references that Scarlett made really meant.

I also predicted the twist! This almost never happens, or else only happens right when I’m near the end of a book, so I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m not sure what that says about the twist, though…

The Bad
Scarlett was really hard for me to like or connect with as a character. I just didn’t care about her. I didn’t care about the boy she had a crush on or how things went at work. I mainly just wanted to know if she was crazy or not.

I’m not huge on thrillers, but I’ve read ones that I’ve enjoyed more. There have been more twists and turns and more things about the plot that were just plain interesting. This was a quick read, though, and I did keep reading to find out what would happen.

The Verdict
Not the best thriller I’ve ever had, but it had some interesting moments. The ending was hard to buy and has caused a lot of conflict on Goodreads, as far as I can tell. I was fine with the ending (like I said, I predicted it), except for the fact that everything seemed to be resolved too easily. The mystery leading up to the ending was pretty good, but again, not the best thing I’ve ever read.

“Worrying means that he’ll want to get close. Worrying means that he’ll want to know what’s going on. He’ll want to know my secrets, and nobody can get that close.”



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