Audiobook Recommendations


September 20, 2016 by Zoë

I love audiobooks, mainly because they let me do other things and experience a book at the same time. I also love radio dramas, and I see them as a lot like audiobooks: good stories told through audio. With this in mind, let me take a moment to promote some great full cast audiobooks.

First of all, Full Cast Audio is a company focused on producing audiobooks with a full cast. Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce was notably released first as an audiobook and written specifically with Full Cast Audio in mind. For some reason, Melting Stones is no longer being sold through Full Cast Audio, but go find it at your public library!
Secondly, I’d also like to recommend the audiobooks of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. These were also done with a full cast and are really, really great.
And finally, if you want an audiobook with a single narrator, try the Princess Diaries series Meg Cabot. Sometimes narrator’s voices bother me, but I really enjoyed all of these audiobooks.

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4 thoughts on “Audiobook Recommendations

  1. Akilah says:

    I talked about full-cast productions in my TTT post as well. They are the best.

  2. Got My Book says:

    I just posted a review for Sandry’s Book. I just wish that they would go back and finally do Shatterglass.

    My TTT: “Dear Audiobook Producers: I Really Want These”


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