Review: The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian


October 17, 2016 by Zoë

In The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian, Keeley’s town is flooding and it doesn’t seem like anyone cares, except for her father, who is trying to organize everyone to protest the mayor’s decisions. Keeley, though, has other things to worry about, like Jesse, who might actually have a crush on her, and the way her relationship with her two best friends, Morgan and Elise, is changing. All the while, water continues to rush into the town.

The Good
First of all, the characters in this book are very, very realistic. They are very flawed, which people in some reviews complain about. I can see where they’re coming from, because at times Keeley can be an annoying main character who makes stupid decisions and hurts people. But her decisions are realistic. She’s going to do stupid things. She’s going to end up making mistakes, even big mistakes, and hurting people. She’s going to have a hard time taking responsibility. So, yes, while Keeley was annoying I found I appreciated it because she seemed like a real teenager, a quality that is so often missing in the protagonists of YA novels.

The events of the novel are also feel very realistic. Everyone acts a little selfishly. Everyone does stupid things or hurts other people. There was just so much realism in this novel. I liked it.

The Bad
Keeley is annoying. Keeley will make you want to shake her and ask why she’s being so mean to people. She will make decisions you don’t agree with. There are also characters in the novel even worse than her, which might also bother you. Like I said, though, I sort of liked it.

The Verdict
This is a quiet novel about growing up. I liked it, though. It also obviously deals with climate change but was never preachy. Climate change wasn’t even really discussed–it was just a fact of life that the characters had to deal with. And that was what the whole book was about: how the characters dealt with life and the good–and bad–choices that they made. I enjoyed it.

“All our eggs were in this basket, saving Aberdeen. We didn’t have a backup plan.

I should clarify that. We didn’t have a backup plan that was shared with me.”


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