Review: Crosstalk by Connie Willis


January 2, 2017 by Zoë

Briddey and Trent have decided to get an EED–a device implanted into their brains so that they can sense each other’s thoughts. In Crosstalk by Connie Willis, this idea quickly spirals into disaster. Briddey starts to discover that getting an EED maybe wasn’t the best idea.

The Good
So. The best thing about this book was Briddey’s nine-year-old niece, Maeve. (She acts a lot older than nine, so maybe ignore her age.) She’s fun and spunky and has the best personality of all the characters.

The book is also a light, quick read. It’s not science fiction so much as it is romance, but you can probably guess that from the blurb.

The Bad
First of all, Briddey is an extremely irritating main character. She doesn’t do anything throughout the whole book. Things happen to her, people tell her what to do, people explain things to her. All through this, she remains passive. It made for a very frustrating reading experience.

The other problem is that none of the characters, particularly Trent, are developed well. Trent and Briddey have been dating for six weeks–six weeks–and are supposedly crazily in love, or at least enough to want to get an EED. And then we learn that they’re planning on getting engaged quite soon. None of which really makes sense, since there isn’t an indication on either of their parts that they’re actually in love.

C.B.’s characterization is also very inconsistent. He starts out as a horrible basement dweller, but this is supposed to change by the end of the book. To me, though, it seemed like they were two different people. Was he always that way and Briddey didn’t notice? Did he change? (Why?) Impossible to say.

The Verdict
Don’t go into this looking for science fiction. It’s romantic comedy. If you want that, then go for it.

“If there are any real telepaths out there right now, they’re keeping their heads down. And no wonder. If people found out telepathy was real, they’d go nuts.”

I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley for this review.


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