Animorphs Re-Read: The Invasion


January 21, 2017 by Zoë

Random Thoughts
One of the most striking things about this book, when looked at the with the benefit of having read the rest of the series, is how easily the Animorphs get away with walking into the Yeerk pool. Of course, the Yeerks aren’t expecting any sort of attack, so they don’t have any precautions set up. Nevertheless, the Animorphs are quickly caught and Visser Three is there, and things don’t go well, and yet they still get away with it. Knowing what comes later, they could easily not have gotten away at all.

The other really striking thing about this book for me is the relationship between Jake and Tobias. They interact a lot. Tobias comes to Jake to tell him things. There’s been speculation in the fan community that Tobias was originally intended to be gay and to have a crush on Jake, which isn’t a hard theory to believe when you look at the way they interact in this book. Tobias, at the very least, has a friend crush on Jake. Reading through all the books in order, it will be interesting to see how this progresses chronologically.

It’s also obvious that the series is still trying to take shape in this first book. Thought-speak is a bit weird (even beyond being able to use it when not morphed). Elfangor is able to share feelings with the Animorphs, seemingly not on purpose, as well as to dump loads of information into Tobias’s head. As far as I can remember, no one uses these abilities again. The way the Yeerks operate also seems a bit different than later on in the series, especially in the incident with Cassie and the police officer. But again, this may have to do with what I brought up initially: the Yeerks aren’t ready for an attack from Earth.

Necessity to the series
Obviously this book is essential. It sets everything up: the Andalites, the Yeerks, the Animorphs, Elfangor, Visser Three, even Tom and Chapman to a certain extent. There are some rollicking adventures (see the golf cart incident at the Gardens), some creepy times morphing (see Jake eating a spider), and an important first encounter with the Yeerks.


  • It was Tobias who saw it first. He had been walking along, gazing up at the sky.
  • <I am not the first. There are many, many others.>

    “Other aliens? Like you?” Tobias demanded.

    The alien shook his big head slowly, side to side. <Not like me.>

  • “Don’t look,” Rachel said to her. She put her arm around Cassie’s shoulder and held her close.

    Then she reached for Tobias and took is hand. I guess you never really know someone till you see them scared. And even scared to death, with tears running down her face, Rachel had strength to spare.

  • “I understand, Jake. You still don’t want it to be true.”
  • “What’s a thermal?” I asked.
  • <I hate changing back. it’s like going back into a prison or something. I hate it when I don’t have wings.>
  • “Just tell them we’re Animorphs.”

    “Tell them we’re what?” Rachel asked.

    “Idiot teenagers with a death wish,” Marco said.

    “Animorphs.” I tried the word out. It sounded okay.

  • <They’ll come,> Tobias said. <The Andalites will come. And until then…>

    I nodded and wiped away my tears. “Yeah,” I said. “Until then, we fight.”


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