Review: The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron


February 20, 2017 by Zoë

Every twelve years, everyone forgets. Except for Nadia. She hasn’t forgotten anything and no one knows. The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron follows Nadia as she works to understand what’s happening in her city before everyone forgets again.

The Good
I like books with mysterious set-ups, and this one definitely has one. Why does everyone forget? What crazy things did they do before they forgot? (Okay, so that part was exaggerated in the Goodreads description–I thought everyone went rabid, attacked each other, and then forgot, but that’s not what actually happens.) Anyway, the set-up is pretty mysterious and was what kept me reading through the whole book. I wanted to know what was going on. I also found the explanation pretty satisfying.

The Bad
You’ll note that figuring out what was going on was my motivation for reading. The characters really weren’t. I didn’t find them very interesting, nor did I find their relationships very interesting. There’s instalove leading into a relationship that ends up being a major focus of the book. Nadia’s relationship with the older of her two sisters also was difficult for me to believe, particularly the ways in which it changes.

The book also moves a bit slowly. Nadia does a lot of things that don’t necessarily feel like they’re advancing the plot, but I just kept reading to find out the answer to the mystery.

The Verdict
I liked the twist, but the plotting was overall slow. Good concepts, but I won’t be re-reading.

“You listen to me. I do not want to forget you. Do you understand?”


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