Review: The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett


June 5, 2017 by Zoë

A powerful pandemic sweeps through all of civilization, decimating humanity and leaving only a few survivors scattered throughout space. One of those survivors is Jamie, left alone to survive. Receiving a message from Earth, she decides to return to the planet she left so long ago in order to find out what the future holds for her. The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett follows Jamie’s journey back to Earth and the people she meets along the way.

The Good
The cast is somewhat large, but all the characters are well-differentiated and interesting. The secondary characters they meet along the way are also interesting. The early part of the book essentially assembles a crew and takes them through a few episodic encounters on planets along their way to Earth. I really enjoyed this part of the book, since it’s exactly what you’d expect from TV shows such as Firefly. It was episodic, fun, simple sci-fi adventure.

This comes back a bit once they make it to Earth. They start finding survivors there, who are all sort of strange and interesting to meet and read about.

The Bad
In between these two parts of the book, they meet up with Jamie’s ex and the book sort of devolves into exploring Jamie’s ~confused feelings~. This got really old, really fast. I get that the point of this book was to be introspective with a science fiction backdrop, but I got pretty bored in the middle. Jamie keeps changing her mind and acting irrationally and I know that she’s gone through all this trauma, but it was still annoying to read.

Some of the characters (especially the one who turns out to be an antagonist) were rather lacking in character development. They had interesting backstories, but they felt more like caricatures than real people.

The Verdict
Don’t go into this expecting a sci-fi adventure and you’ll probably enjoy it. I did like parts of it, but I won’t be re-reading.

“It’s God’s voice.” Rena’s smile was pitying, as though Jamie were too slow to understand some simple truth. “We just have to listen.”

“You might find the engines a bit loud for that.”

I received a copy of this book through Berkeley Publishing for this review.


One thought on “Review: The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett

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