Review Policy

For all queries please use the form found here.

I accept young adult and adult fiction for review. I prefer speculative fiction (including science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, etc.), but I will also consider contemporary fiction and historical fiction, particularly if the novels are similar to other novels I have already read. I am also interested in novels featuring Asian Americans or set in Asia, and in particular Southeast Asia.

For all other genres, feel free to query, though note that if I have not read or reviewed a similar book I will likely not be interested.

I accept print books and electronic books only on rare occassions. I accept ARC and finished copies of books.

I will review books in English, Indonesian, and Malay (though note that my Malay is still shaky).

Author Interviews, Giveaways, Etc.
I am willing to host author interviews and giveaways. Please contact using the form linked above.

Note that acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review, though I will make every effort to review any book received. I will not review a book that I do not finish, though I may post a “did not finish” post, which will be different than a book review and will detail which chapter I reached, why I did not finish, and whether I plan to try reading the book again at a later date.

Rating System
: I plan on buying this.
: So good I’ll reread it in the future.
: Enjoyable but I won’t read it again.
: I just didn’t enjoy it.
: I didn’t like this at all for specific, possibly glaring reasons.

At the current time, turnaround time from receiving a book is approximately one month.