2018 Reading Stats


December 28, 2018 by Zoë

I found it really interesting to pull together some of my reading stats from last year, so here I am back again with some stats from this year.

To start out with, as of today I’ve read 112 (though I may have missed one in there–I got a little carried away during my library’s summer reading program). That’s up from last year’s count of 98 when I did my statistics post.

Like last year, I read mostly young adult books, though not by quite as much.

It looks like I read even more books by female authors this year than I did last year. Some people struggle with this, but I guess I’m more drawn to themes that female authors tend to write about. I especially tend to read books featuring female main characters, to that accounts for some of it for sure.

I felt like it was easier to find books by POC authors this year, and if you compare my stats to least year’s, I did read more! I’m sitting solidly at a third of the books I read being written by authors of color, which isn’t too shabby.

And finally, genres. I always say that I like science fiction and fantasy and then I find that science fiction accounts for less of my reading than I thought and that I actually read more contemporary. I will say, though, that I think the slant to contemporary is partially because I like to pick up thrillers to see what they’re like, and I generally count those as contemporary, especially if they’re your standard high school drama thriller. I don’t know what to say about the science fiction thing though.

What about you? What sort of stats to you like to keep track of? I want to track more things this year, but I’m not sure what else to add to my spreadsheet.

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7 thoughts on “2018 Reading Stats

  1. POC authors at 41? Not too shabby at all.

    Like I told another blogger today, I want to like science fiction, but I just don’t. As a teenager, I loved Isaac Asimov, but ever since, I just can’t seem to get into it science fiction.

  2. Akilah says:

    Most dystopia counts as speculative/science fiction, so by that count your sci-fi reading is pretty even to your contemporary reading. I don’t know if that helps with your reading identity or not, but I just thought I’d point it out.

    I also gravitate more toward female authors. If I really wanted to challenge myself, I’d read more male authors, but I don’t care that much about equality, I guess.

    • Zoë says:

      That’s true! Although I definitely see dystopia as distinct for some reason. I guess because as it’s gotten trendier it hasn’t had to rely on sci-fi elements so much? I definitely didn’t think to look at the two categories combined, though, get take a count there too.

      • Akilah says:

        I didn’t group them together either until a friend of mine pointed out the speculative elements and that dystopians often deal with issues of technology, and I was like, “You right, you right.”

  3. Michele says:

    Well done!! I have a partial of my reading stats from Goodreads in my post (I’m Almost Ready). I don’t try to keep track of the types of books I read–I know I read a lot of cozies–a lot of psychological terror and when I can find them-Time Travel.

  4. hmsgofita says:

    This is the third person I’ve seen with pie charts! I need to figure this out! It’s so useful to see it all broken down visually like this. Love it! Good luck with your reading and everything else this year!

  5. I had a similar realization about reading female authors. Someone mentioned to me that I seemed to read books almost exclusively by women. It wasn’t something I did on purpose, but the stories that sound interesting seem to mostly be written by women, so those are the books I pick!

    My tracking is similar to yours, although I also note if I got the book from the library, my own shelves, or for review.


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